We appreciate that data is one of the most important assets that a company has. We can help you design the right studies to deliver reproducible and robust data.

Initial Data Analysis

  • Initial data exploration is an important and often overlooked step to ensure data integrity.
  • If you already have data we can help you clean and explore this using state of the art data visualization tools.
  • We also use industry leading data visualisation software to present flexible data views that enable users to interact with their data.
  • Understanding limitations of data is key to unlocking its value. Data clarity in this initial data exploration step is a critical part of data-driven decision making.

Tables Figures and Listings

  • When data has been checked and cleaned our SAS programmers can produce bespoke data Tables, Figures and Listings (TFL's)
  • If data is incomplete or missing we can advise on how to handle this in subsequent analysis and interpretation steps and mitigate the risks when generating or compiling data for future studies.
  • With emerging technologies data is now easier and quicker to generate in large amounts. We can help you design a data strategy that will cover data generation or collection, data management, data summarization and presentation.

Data Security

  • Security of data is a core company value.
  • We have secure encrypted servers for data storage and exchange. This enables fast, safe and reliable data sharing.
  • We use data protocols to ensure all steps in data processing are quality controlled.  Only authorised people can access, alter, disclose or delete data from our systems.
  • If data is accidentally lost, altered or destroyed, it can be recovered.

When you have explored and understood limitations and generalizability of your data we can help you with the next step of more formal statistical analysis

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