What We Do

We can help you generate or collect the right data then turn this into information that can be acted upon with confidence.

  • We have experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical research, understand science and commercial issues and offer a personalised service
  • We DESIGN studies.
  • We ANALYSE data.
  • We help you make the right data driven DECISION first time

Please read how we deliver Scientific solutions and Clinical solutions

Consultancy Advice

We can provide statistical advice on a specific question, problem or task to ensure that you have the right design to meet your needs. We can also offer guidance on the most appropriate analysis to help you extract the maximum information from your data.

Partnering & In-sourcing

Working as a trusted partner we can deliver ongoing statistical advice and SAS programming support to projects and clinical study teams. Our Statisticians can support your needs remotely or can work on site as in-sourced contractor support. We understand the importance of continuity of advice and when we take on a project with you a dedicated statistician will work with you from inception to completion.


We are able to offer several statistical training modules aimed at scientists and clinical teams. We have in depth experience of developing be-spoke statistical training to address specific needs or skills gaps. We also offer an in vivo audit and certification service where we can help you assess the sufficiency of design analysis and interpretation of in-vivo studies across your organisation and help you with further improvements to in vivo good statistical practice.


Questions we are often asked

  • How do I visualise my data ?
  • How to design an experiment or a survey?
  • Why is this assay not giving consistent results?
  • Is my study sufficiently powered?
  • What statistical test should I use?
  • What analysis plan should I put in my grant application?
  • How many patients are needed for this clinical trial?
  • How do you generate a randomisation scheme?
  • How do I interpret my results?
  • Can you help me write this up for publication?


  • Assay optimisation and validation 
  • Animal studies, randomisation, bias, covariate adjustment
  • Small study designs, safety and tolerability
  • Dose finding, SAD, MAD
  • Phase II-III confirmatory trials
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and instrument design


  • Exploratory analysis and visualisation
  • Sensitivity, specificity and precision
  • Sample size and statistical power
  • Incomplete data analysis
  • Baseline assessment, intention to treat, multiplicity
  • Interim, adaptive, group sequential, stochastic curtailment
  • Confirmatory hierarchical, bayesian


  • Statistical and clinical significance
  • Certainty and errors
  • Reproducibility
  • Outcomes in context
  • Communicate findings with confidence